Limn + Latitude

Hello to you!

New decade, new series!

I’m starting 2020 with a new project, and I’m hoping you will help!  I’m curious about your favorite places.  These places might be right outside your door or halfway ‘round the globe.  Two of my favorite places are Mendocino, California (for watching whales) and the City of Amsterdam (for the water). I would love to hear about your travels and what surprised and delighted you.

This project is called Limn + Latitude.  My plan is to immerse myself in your favorite places, researching what delighted you, painting images, trying my hand at regional dishes, reading a book or two, and studying native artists and musicians.

I’m incredibly inspired to dive into this project, as it will fuel my art practice and lend material to the podcast that I co-host.  I’m hoping it brings you a bit of joy as you mentally revisit your favorite places, and I’d be delighted if you follow along as I visually depict your submission!

To access the questionnaire

thanks so much for your response!

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